Confidence and Fun Through Horsemanship

Equine Life Solutions (ELS Stables) is a premiere equestrian riding center residing at beautiful Holly Farm in Bothell, Washington.  We are conveniently located just 40 minutes from downtown Seattle, and 30 minutes from Bellevue off Hwy 405.

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Equine Life Solutions is continually committed to serving our clients in the safest, cleanest, high-quality care facility. Whether you are looking for a new home for your horse, or a community of horse-loving humans, Equine Life Solutions has it all.

So come and enjoy a truly “stable” community. Check us out and find out why ELS Stables is the best possible “Herd” of humans and horses around! Through groundwork, riding lessons, special events and straight up play, our students and horses gain confidence in themselves and each other.

Whether you are new to horses or an experienced rider, fearful or confident, ELS has a variety of classes and programs to meet your needs.

Explore our site to learn about our drama-free facility and lesson programs utilizing Natural Horsemanship techniques. And please call or email for more information or to arrange a visit.

For the safety of our animals and students, dogs must be kept in the car or walked in designated areas. Just ask us before taking your pet out of car. Thank You!

Robyn Smith
Owner, Instructor, Chief Horse Lover

Telephone: 425-686-7120 

The horse is as honest and as truthful as anything you could ever work with. He has no ego or pride that gets in his way. All the horse is trying to do is survive. So I try to work with him. – Ray Hunt


New Bothell Location:  Holly Farm

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Equine Escapes

Trail ride with this Company in the foothills of the Cascades just 30 minutes from Seattle. Our trail rides range from 1 or 2 hours to a full day ride with a mountain top cookout.

We are passionate about sharing the members of our herd with the public. Horses are majestic creatures that in the wild, rely on their senses and intuition for survival. In captivity, horses have allowed us to partner and bond with them in various ways. We are honored to have the opportunity to share these incredible creatures with you, as well as our passion for them. Many of our horses have come from cases of neglect or were bound for slaughter. We are grateful to be a part of their rehabilitation and the regaining of trust in humans. It takes a special horse to want to care for and look after a multitude of people. As such, the members of our herd have chosen to stay with us beyond their rehabilitation to serve and care for those that join us for a trek out in nature. We treasure each one of them and hope your experience will be more than your hoped for.

We believe that horses have an innate ability to see us for who we truly are…and can sense our energy and emotions. We encourage all of our guests to be authentic with your equine partner and see where your connection or journey may take you!

We sincerely look forward to meeting you!

Kelly Bolen
Owner/Operator Equine Escapes

Enumclaw, Washington

Telephone: 425-242-4774

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