Four-Legged Instructors

ELS School Horses


We believe that productive, active horses are happier horses. However, not ALL horses want to be  school horses.  All horses that come through the ELS Rehab or rehome program are interviewed as potential school horse instructors. Very few are selected. The ones that are not selected are placed in loving homes in jobs that better suit their needs. Many, but not all of the horses below are owned by humans in our community that wish to share their horse’s talents and abilities.
The job description for a great school horse has the following Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities:
A.  Knowledge:  The horse must possess an underlying solid foundational training in either English or Western equitation for beginner to advanced riders.  During the horses’ orientation into our school, we add to this education the concepts of bitless and bareback training they need to be successful in our program.
B.  Skills:  The horse must possess the following:  extreme patience with beginners, varying skills to adapt to each rider and tolerance for a variety of riders with varying degrees of knowledge and experience.
C.  Capabilities:  The horse must be happy, calm, patient, kind, steady & reliable, gentle and self-controlled.

Meet our wonderful horses that are very special and individually unique


Height: 14.2 hands | Breed: Curly Horse


Height: 17 hands | Breed: Belgian / Quarter Horse



Height: 15.1 hands | Breed: Arabian / Saddlebred (National Show Horse)
Cash is a delightful gelding with lots of personality. He loves to play and is great at teaching experienced riders the “ropes.” Although he can be found chewing on the ropes and leading you around. Cash was generously donated by his favorite human Linnea. Cash loves trails! He is so curious and special!


Height: 16 hands | Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter
Frankie is a sweetheart. His smooth gaits are not good for teaching posting or forward seat, but he has the smoothest canter around. What a confidence builder. Not only is he great in the arena, but he is a master on the trails. At only 8 years old, Frankie is one of the best instructors we have. His human partner is Mary.






Height: 15 hands | Breed: Tennessee Walker
Gracie is a sweetheart mare who likes to please people. She has been a wonderful addition to our school and has been patient and kind to beginner students. Gracie is an introvert and works quietly and patiently. She likes to be groomed and pampered. Although she paces, she is one of our best instructors in the ELS Herd!





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Height: 13.3 hands | Breed: Norwegian Fjord
Henry is all fluff and no fuss! He loves kids and humans in general. He is tolerant and easy going, teaching young and old riders how to stay balanced. Henry is a favorite in pony parties and the Pony Partner Club. His human partner is Margaret. She loves Henry!






Height: 14.2 hands | Breed: Arab / Morgan
Holly is our oldest (although young looking) groundwork instructor at ELS. An Arab-Morgan cross, she has taught more kids how to walk, trot, canter than any other horse at ELS. She loves to hang out with Wiara in the field. Although hail and wind are not her favorite, she always keeps the kids safe even when she is feeling not so safe. Her beloved humans are Maggie and Libby.






Height: 13.2 hands | Breed: Morgan/Pony Cross
Jizelle is a cute instructor that loves to kick cones over while cantering. She tests the students balance as they attempt to go around the cones and not cut them. She likes to canter and jump cavelleti.  Jizelle loves kids and is one of the most popular instructors. Her favorite hobby is eating lots of grass! Her human partner is Jackie.



Height: 15 hands | Breed: Morgan mare
Karma and Cheryl are the perfect pair. Both of them are energetic and adventurous. Karma likes to “park” as any well-trained Morgan does. She is so good with kids and has been shown in a variety of disciplines: Halter, English Equitation and Western Pleasure. She is a great addition to the ELS School.






Height: 14.0 hands | Breed:Arabian
Lily is a patient, reliable instructor who has been successfully teaching students the three riding positions. She is an introvert and works patiently with our beginner to advanced students. She loves kids. Lily’s favorite sport is eating!






HF HS 2a (1)Max

Height: 16.2 hands | Breed: Quarter Horse/Percheron gelding
Max is a professional in every way. His consistent gaits are great for teaching posting or forward seat. He is another confidence builder in our herd. Not only is he great in the arena, but he is a master on the trails. At only 13 years old, Max is one of the best instructors we have. Joslin and Max are quite a pair!






Height: 14  hands | Breed: Norwegian Fjord









Height: 15 hands | Breed: Paint










Height: 14.3 hands | Breed: Paint (breeding-stock)
Robbin is kind and gentle with kids and adults. She was shown extensively in 4-H and won many classes across the Northwest. Robbin’s specialty is Western, but she loves bareback. She builds confidence in beginners, but is educated enough for advanced riders. Robbin loves carrots and apples, is very sensitive and pouts if she is annoyed. Robbin is currently studying Natural Humanship and hopes to one day understand humans better. Robbin rocks!






Height: 15.1 hands | Breed: American Quarter Horse mare
Rosie loves to teach patterns. She is studying human behavior to understand what makes them “tick.” She is a quiet, cooperative follower on the trail but one day aspires to lead the group. When she is not teaching humans in the arena, she is enjoying a snack in the field.





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Height: 14.2 hands | Breed: Quarter Horse
Scarlet is one of the most popular school horses in the stables. Her gentle, quiet disposition and patience with beginners makes her perfect for teaching posting or forward seat. What a confidence builder. Not only is she great in the arena, but she is a master on the trails. At only 11 years old, Scarlet is one of the best instructors we have.







Height: 15.2 hands | Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Hi my name is Scout and my human is Kathy. Kathy and I have been together a long time and we have done trail riding, dressage, novice 3 day eventing, barrel racing, jumping, equitation as well as horsemanship. I love meeting new people, animals and learning new things. I am an overachiever and a very sweet horse. Come by and meet me…  I will shake your hand for a treat, but don’t give me too many. I am so happy to be part of the ELS lesson program!







Height: 14.1 hands | Breed: Arabian
Wiara loves to teach beginners and help students gain confidence in ground work. She is happy to show off her Natural Horsemanship skills. She loves kids and has been teaching for many years. Her beloved humans are Maggie and Libby.







Zena (Warrior Princess)
Height: 15 hands | Breed: Andalusian/Peruvian Paso
Zena is a feisty, playful Spanish mare with a passion for soccer and french fries. Although she is not allowed human food, she will steal your fries if you get too close with them. An extreme extrovert, Zena prefers one rider and has an opinion about everything. She prefers bridleless and bareback riding. Zena’s current human in training is Robyn, who she thinks is coming along nicely.