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It’s not just business…it’s life!


  • Have you gone to leadership classes that gave you information but no useful skills?
  • Have you learned personality types, but not learn how to leverage that into productivity?
  • Is unclear or confusing communication damaging relationships at work?
  • Do your employees feel free to talk about their difficulties and in which work pressure and stress can be discussed openly? Are they encouraged to ask questions?
  • If we could teach you to communicate effectively with any person would you be interested?
  • If you could know how to earn deference and trust could you see how that could increase productivity and job satisfaction?
What is the most important inter-relational skill a leader should have?  
Effective Communication is the key to success in relationships that leads to trust that leads to optimal outcomes:  Increased Productivity, Healthy Relationships, Unity.
Effective Communication is listening well to understand the words being communicated, asking questions to avert potential miscommunications, and using expressive language the receiver can understand clearly.
Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood ~ Stephen Covey
“Why Use Horses?”
At Equine Life Solutions, we use horses to enrich your learning experience as we delve into and discover how horses use clear, consistent communication that effectively transmits intent and action…but only if you can perceive their language and see the world through their point-of-view.  Since the workshop activities are non-riding, experience is not required.
If you think employees, bosses or coworkers are tough, try communicating with horses!  They survive and cooperate with humans as partners through effective communication.  Horses have no problem communicating with each other…humans have problems communicating with horses…and…other humans.  Hmmm…
“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”    James Humes