• Hi Robyn, I am very excited to start learning natural horsemanship with Michael. Thanks for working so hard to make ELS such a great place for all of us, humans and horses alike. Ellen

  • Margaret Colony |

    I attended the February 14 classes as an auditor, since I don’t have my own horse. The classes were extremely informative and Michael is an engaging teacher. I found a lot that I can use in my riding lessons. I especially liked him talking about belief in yourself and how that translates to your horse as well as calling up non-emotional energy. I enjoyed seeing the all the principles in action of relating to your horse the way horses relate to each other in a herd. This is a wonderful class, and I look forward to the day I have my own horse and can learn even more with my equine partner.

  • Hi Robyn & Donnell,

    Remember me? My daughter Emily and I took lessons about a year and a half ago until we could no longer afford it. Good news… my hubby went back to corporate life and Emily discovered her passion is Jr. Roller Derby. I would love to audit Michael Sparling’s classes and take some more riding lessons.

    Let me know when the classes are and when you have time to add a lesson to your schedule.



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