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  • Our Pony Partner Club is our most flexible program. It was developed to introduce children to the wonderful world of horses without committing to weekly, structured riding lessons. Ages 3-6 learn with a parent and assist with grooming and preparing the horse to ride. This activity lasts approximately 30 minutes so the child gains confidence by learning about the horse before getting on their back. Then the riding is approximately 30 minutes (parents are required to walk alongside or be near when the child 3-6yo is riding).
  • This one-time evaluation is a one-hour riding lesson for us to assess riding skill, confidence and equipment requirements as well as allow the rider a chance to try us out.
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  • Our riding philosophy builds confidence by teaching students to work with a horse’s natural motion and movement (gaits). This begins with balanced seat riding on a bareback pad (for kids) or in a saddle (for adults).We also teach natural, mutual communication through subtle body language that the horse understands and correctly interprets. These Natural Horsemanship techniques help riders understand and appreciate their role as partner and not passenger.
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