Robyn Smith: Coach

Robyn Smith is the founder and owner of Equine life Solutions. She graduated from University of Washington Nursing School with a Bachelors degree in nursing science.  She  worked as a hospital float nurse and agency nurse for several years while pursuing a certificate in Knowledge Management and Leadership Training. She started Quality Life Solutions in the mid 90’s with a focus on leadership training of nurse directors and charge nurses. She trained healthcare professionals that were new to management as well as acting as Interim Director of Nursing and training new Directors and Managers into their positions.
Robyn’s horse history extends back to getting her first pony in 1969. She has had horses in her life. In 2006, she left the corporate world to pursue leadership training of teens and young adults, using horsemanship to inspire and teach these young leaders how to recognize and overcome fear in themselves and then with the horses.
Soon the business leaders, of which many were parents of the kids and teens, requested classes and workshops for themselves and their teams. The adults were seeing such changes in their kids, they wanted to learn along with the kids. Essential Strides Coaching Services came about as a result to address the continuing need for interpersonal skill training in business. 
Robyn’s current clients are individuals and teams from Microsoft, Expedia, Comcast, Hatton Marine, Montessori Schools, to name a few.  Her passion for teaching teens has extended into teaching leadership skills to youth from homeless shelters, foster homes, and child referrals from domestic violence services and local addiction recovery programs.
“The animals and particularly the horses have a healing and life changing effect on humans that interact with them. As our world turns more and more tech savvy, we seem to be losing our interpersonal savvy.  I have worked with dozens of company leaders and employees.  One of the most common complaints from employees is the lack of  trust in their leadership.  Employees tend to communicate this distress in undesirable behaviors that culminate in distrust across many relationships in the office.  
Horses are no different. If they do not trust the leader handling them in situations that they lack training in, their behaviors are amplified by sheer size and energy. They buck, bolt, bite, kick, strike or rear when leadership is lacking. Like humans, horses do not respond well to bullying: force, fear and intimidation. They respond to calm, assertive energy from the human to direct them and keep them safe.”
Here are some of the areas Robyn teaches and coaches.  She offers individual and teambuilding workshops (with or without horses):
Effective Communication Training
Understanding the Five Motivations behind behavior
The Five Authority types and when and how to use them
Teambuilding Workshops with horses (non-riding experiential learning)