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About Us

Mission Statement

Seattle-July11-287Equine Life Solution’s (ELS) Mission is to provide wide-ranging and comprehensive riding and horsemanship programs and activities that bring horses and humans together to promote self -awareness, inspire confidence, provide emotionally transformative experiences and teach transferable skills all within a safe, clean and accepting environment.

Our holistic approach allows riders and non-riders, professionals and amateurs to confront their horse- fears, gain understanding, practice respect and experience compassion for horses and each other in a finely- tuned program using the values and principles of natural horsemanship.

Our ELS clients are open-minded learners who want to connect with something outside of themselves. Their attitude is progressive and they are flexible in their thinking. The ELS client knows, or at least suspects, that the skills they learn and use relating to horses is transferable to relating to people. By increasing their awareness of how horses behave the ELS client increases their awareness of their own behavior and the behavior of others. The ELS client’s attitude is “I am open to receiving new information and to exploring the possibilities that result”.


A Herd of Two

The moment a person rides or works with a horse they become part of a herd. For the herd to be productive and maintain unity there must be trust between its members whether the herd is people, people and horses, or just horses. ELS facilitates relationship building between humans and horses and humans and humans by helping riders establish clear expectations of themselves, their horse and others and giving them the knowledge and tools for effective communication that leads to a productive relationship and fulfillment. A horse partner provides a safe way to learn and master skills that work equally well with people.

L1060374The ELS Method: Where Natural Is Normal
ELS teaching methods encompass the physical elements of balanced centered horseback riding, the intellectual acquisition of natural training techniques and the emotional aspects of fear and confidence. The program includes goal setting, managing expectations, establishing and maintaining standards and learning the seven steps to confidence. Humans and horses are paired so riders see first-hand how different personalities need different teaching methods to succeed. Safety, respect and gratitude are elemental to the ELS Program.