Lee Palmer

lee2Lee Palmer is an internationally-trained Instructor and Horse Developer. She has lived in the US, UK, and Australia, and has a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. Through extensive effort and training, she is certified through Parelli Natural Horsemanship as a 3-Star Instructor and Horse Development Specialist. She has ridden and competed her whole life, and now is here in Washington State to share her knowledge. In her teaching, she emphasizes safety and confidence, uses equine psychology and leadership as her foundation, and strives to always put the relationship first, when it comes to the horse or the student. She offers her services for Foundation Training (Colt Starting), as well as instruction for all disciplines of riding. She is thrilled to be part of the ELS Stables Team, and looks forward to making the world a better place for horses and humans, one step at a time.

Here is what she says:
lee1I have invested many years and a large amount of effort into my education and self development – personally and professionally. My goal is to share my knowledge with my students, so that they are happy, successful, competent horsemen. Natural horsemanship should be present in all disciplines of the horse industry, whether it is recreation or performance-based. My goal is to be a great example in the Horse Industry, share valuable knowledge, and empower people to excel.

Parelli Professionals’ Promise :

Relationship First

Lee Palmer05I promise to put my relationship with you, my student, first. Rather than perfecting the task, we will care more about confidence, trust, motivation and willingness… as true horsemen do.

Four Savvys

Lee Palmer08I promise to help you become well-rounded in your savvy, both on the ground and riding; to prepare you for success at every level: to read your horse, understand his Horsenality and develop your savvy skills On Line, at Liberty, in FreeStyle and finesse.

Never-ending Self Improvement

Lee Palmer06I promise to inspire and support your quest for never-ending self-improvement. The Parelli Pathway and Savvy Club will guide you to success and help you measure your progress every step of the way.