Fear to confidence

HorseHaven012webRegained Confidence

Having lost self-confidence after being thrown from a horse and sustaining injuries, finding Robyn Smith as a trainer has been the most healing and informative experience. She understands the horse-human relationship deeply and her teaching and coaching produces graceful, healthy and aware riding in both horse and rider- the latter especially.
-Lisa C.


From timid to tremendous

I started this venture when I was 53. The problem was that on my first lesson, when Robyn asked me to go and stand next to my horse, the closest I was comfortable was ten feet away. The fear of these majestic, powerful animals was overwhelming! Now I go and catch my horse, get her ready to ride, and am learning how to ride with the horse, not on the horse. I am really learning another language.
-Kim B.


Customized coaching

After a couple of painful falls from a horse, I was petrified to ride again. When I decided to conquer my fear I interviewed many riding instructors until I found ELS. The instructors not only has experience helping people push through their fear, but they work on retraining muscle memory so I learned to ride with the horse’s movement. Each lesson is individually based on where I am physically and emotionally that day. My work with Robyn and her team is a tremendous part of my journey toward a better partnership between my horses and me.
-Margaret B.

The best there is!

I love animals but have always had a fear of horses; I tried a few lesson stables in the area, and let me tell you, ELS is the best there is! Robyn and her staff are wonderful and Robyn’s love, knowledge and deep respect for the horses was what I was looking for. She has never made her students feel awkward or inadequate no matter what our skill levels are. She offers a deep wealth of Natural Horsemanship knowledge and beyond. The staff is always ready to help, and the stables and arena are so beautiful and always kept spotless. I highly recommend ELS to anyone at any level!
-Karen H.