Healing Horses


SavoyFull Recovery

Ten months after we purchased Savoy, a 2-star Dutch WB/TB 3-day Preliminary Level eventer, we discovered that she had torn ligaments in both front legs; one was older and had healed, the other was acutely torn. After 3 months of therapy and 6-weeks at a rehabilitation center, multiple modalities proved ineffective and the ligament was still torn. At the end of our rope, and with a high-strung, agitated horse, we heard about Equine Life Solutions from a friend. When we met the staff at ELS we immediately felt comfortable.

ELS customized a paddock for Savoy with special footing to enhance the healing process. Two weeks after entrusting her to the ELS staff, Savoy was calm and relaxed. The environment is so peaceful and the staff so helpful, she was a new horse. Shortly after moving in and hearing about stem cell therapy, we decided to try this revolutionary treatment as a last effort to heal the ligament. According to several vets, it only had a 20-50% chance for success. Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital in Snohomish, Washington began the treatment. On Feb 2, ultrasound revealed complete healing.

We attribute the success of Savoy’s healing to the remarkable stem cell therapy and the care and personal attention she received at ELS with Robyn and her crew. With deep gratitude and appreciation, we highly recommend Equine Life Solutions at Holly Farm as an ideal environment for any sport horse recovering from an injury.