Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Molson_Katie_edit001Worth the drive

Though I could take horse riding lessons a mile from my home, I make the hour trek to Equine Life Solutions twice weekly.. It is worth every minute. Safety and consideration for people and animals is paramount. I feel comfortable, capable and confident as my skills improve and my enjoyment increases with every lesson. I cannot state strongly enough the valuable lessons I have learned, the self-awareness I have garnered, or the self-confidence I have rediscovered with Robyn Smith through riding and experiencing horses through her approach to natural horsemanship.

-Lisa C.

Surprising self-discovery

The best thing I’ve learned from Robyn is communication: it’s a two way street, whether with a horse, a child, another adult, cat or dog. Sheesh! All I wanted to do was learn to care for and properly ride horses! Who knew I would get so much more positive personal growth than I could have ever expected?

-Ann D.

Connor_Aunia_001What a great experience!

For six years now I have been riding with Robyn at Equine Life Solutions. At the beginning I was lacking confidence, knowledge and balance during riding. Through the excellent instruction of Robyn and her horses I have gained all of those things and so much more. Through the ELS leadership I have gained confidence in myself. This has allowed me to better communicate with and feel the horses, which in the end has greatly improved my balance and overall riding. I have gained a better understanding of how my body and its muscles work. As well as how my mind processes information. With ELS help, I now have a wonderful partner named Joey. Thanks ELS, we are a perfect match!

-Mylissa K.