Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship

Robyn.Sammy dancePartnerships

Zena and I are so grateful that Lee Palmer, a Parelli 3-Star Trainer, now calls ELS Stables (Equine Life Solutions) home. Our human-horse relationship has deepened as Lee continually teaches us new techniques and creativity to be progressive while still maintaining the fun element that keeps our relationship fresh and exciting. Thank you so much Lee for working with all the ELS horses and especially my own herd of partners.
-Robyn Smith

A blessing

My son Liam & I were intrigued & are now fascinated by the teachings of Natural Horsemanship. As a parent & complete novice I really appreciate Robyn’s intent focus on safety. As a student I am delighted by her enthusiasm & depth of knowledge. Liam & I have progressed at different paces and Robyn has worked creatively to meet our individual challenges. We’re learning more about horse behavior & how to better facilitate communication. It is a blessing to be in this kind of learning environment!
-Donna G.

Brittany-043-Edit-SEnjoyable and rewarding

I have been taking lessons from Robyn for almost 9 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Because Robyn uses Natural Horsemanship, I have found horseback riding to be much more enjoyable and rewarding. It is amazing to watch Robyn work with the horses because they respect her and like being around her. ELS is a beautiful and safe place; I would recommend for anyone to experience horsemanship and riding lessons here!
-Amy J.

Holistic approach

I was searching for a barn that values and incorporates holistic health and Natural Horsemanship – I definitely found what I was looking for! ELS is an amazing center where the horses are treated respectfully and the well-being of the horses is of most importance. I especially like how the horses get massage treatments, herbal remedies, acupuncture treatments. The instructors are very knowledgeable and my lessons continue to expand my knowledge of natural horsemanship and my respect for these amazing animals continues to grow.
-Lisa M.

HorseHaven016webWonderful and knowledgeable

Let me tell you, ELS is the best there is! Robyn and her staff are wonderful and so knowledgeable. Robyn never makes her students feel awkward or inadequate no matter what our skill levels are. She offers a deep wealth of Natural Horsemanship knowledge and beyond. The staff is always ready to help, and the stables and arena are so beautiful and always kept spotless. I highly recommend ELS to anyone at any level!
-Karen H.

In partnership with the horse

If you want to learn how to ride in a partnership with a horse then Equine Life Solutions is the perfect place for you. What I love most about Equine Life Solutions is Robyn’s genuine love of horses. Everything we learn about riding is geared toward the horse’s comfort from the way we put on a bridle to the way we sit in the saddle. And it’s amazing when a 1200 lb horse responds to the gentlest of touch!
-Elaine R.