We teach students to work within a horse’s natural motion and understand their mental point-of-view. A balanced seat, and understanding the horse’s nature, opens the door to develop a relationship that can develop into a wonderful partnership. Regardless of the mounted equestrian activity, a balanced seat, and equine knowledge creates a safe and comfortable experience for both horse and rider.

First Step: Set up a one-hour riding Evaluation to try us out! This allows us to see what the appropriate horse/tack/equipment should be and choose the appropriate Instructor for the lessons.
Evaluation Cost: $75 prepaid through pre-paid online invoice per student. To reserve the spot, pay asap. The spot is reserved once it is paid.
Second Step: Sign-up for lessons
Private or semi-private lessons:
When you are offered a spot on the calendar, respond asap as these spots are booked on a first come first serve basis. When you confirm the date/time, you will receive the Invoice to pay online.
Cost: $280 for 4 prepaid private lessons or $270 for 4 prepaid semi-private lessons (based on availability).
Next Step: When the student has met the learning requirements to join a group lesson the price decreases.
Cost: $250 for 4 prepaid lessons.