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The air quality is nearing normal and safe to breathe and resume lessons and activities at the barn!  Please do your best to help us by scheduling one makeup lesson by the end of September. This helps staff and horses through an already difficult year.  Thanks to all of those who already scheduled!  

For weather updates and ELS News at Holly Farm, check back to our Blogs. I will post something weekly on Mondays to the ELS Blog.

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9/18 Friday Eve & 9/19 Saturday Lessons On

It seems that the weather is finally cooperating and clearing out our smokey area with much-needed rain and a shift of the wind.  Understandably, this has been hard for everyone. Thanks for your continued patience for the next couple of weeks as the ELS horses and humans clear our lungs.  The accumulative effect can linger.and cause unwellness and complications for sensitive groups.

We can’t wait to see you all back into lessons!

Robyn Smith

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Hang in There…It’s Almost Over!

As the air quality continues to improve, I am reminded once again to keep all the families impacted by these awful, massive wildfires in my thoughts and prayers. We anxiously anticipate we can open Saturday 9/19 as usual. For ELS Community Updates, follow the ELS Blog. Thanks for all your support and patience through all of these challenges!

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Closed Thursday 9/17/2020

For the health of everyone, Equine Life Solutions has been Closed since 9/8 and will remain closed through Thursday and possibly Friday. 

We appreciate all of the students trying to help ELS Staff by rebooking extra lessons and rescheduling makeups.  This helps tremendously.  If Covid-19 wasn’t enough, locally, we are dealing with the wildfire disaster effects in the form of unhealthy smoke. 

However, my heart goes out to all the people who have and are losing their homes in the devastating western state forest fires and the wild and domestic animals that are being affected whether directly or as a result of the smoke.  Please find out how you can help.

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Lessons are canceled today (9/15) and tomorrow (9/16)

due to continuing unhealthy air quality (AQI). Although the number today has improved from yesterday, one weather station forecasts worsening smoke tomorrow (Wed), and into Thursday!

The AQI fluctuates throughout the day as the smoke moves around the area.  This makes it hard to make decisions about outdoor activities.

We will hope for the best.  When the lessons resume, the staff and horses will be taking it all in stride, at the walk. The accumulative effect of wildfire smoke in the lungs is well researched and documented by the CDC.

Robyn Smith

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