ELS-EC Academics


Inspiring a Desire to Think, Create, and Innovate in Science and Life!

HF 1st week 3aThe staff and faculty of ELS-EC are devoted to the development of people, nurturing students in a learning environment that values and rewards intellectual curiosity, originality, motivation, and teamwork. We place a premium on the development of resilience and resourcefulness – skills that will help prepare our students for an ever-changing world – and we are intentional about those practices that encourage integrity and responsibility in youth.

Our unique campus and facilities are designed to inspire students to think, create, and innovate. Supported by a culture that reinforces relationships based on respect and appreciation, our students develop both academic strengths and a passion for lifelong intellectual engagement.

Students often tell us that their experiences and relationships here inspired them to expect more from institutions of higher education and the professional world.

Our Curriculum

Bees01ELS-EC offers science projects designed to provide students with increasing levels of challenge and responsibility as they move through their consecutive grades. The course descriptions provided under each division show an overall picture of what ELS-EC students are exploring and learning. The faculty has created units of study and topics revolving around the following concepts:


  • What will students discover and what are some essential questions to be explored?
  • How might students approach answering those questions?
  • Which skills will students learn and what technologies will they employ?
  • How will student progress and mastery be measured?