Oh What a Year!



As we all figure out how to navigate the seemingly unending challenges in 2020, I am inspired to remember all the great things that have happened at Equine Life Solutions in the last year.  I found myself feeling more grateful than ever. 

No, feeling grateful was not easy after we closed our doors in mid-March until June 1, but making a decision to think about the things that make me grateful worked.

Yes, this is a challenging year. Yes, there are multiple local and world events that are impacting our lives.  Yes, homeschooling seems impossible, however, we humans are not unique to struggle and adversity. History is a good teacher and measure by which we can reflect on for comparison. We are, like horses, resilient and adaptable humans.

For now, I choose to think in the moment.  It helps me to keep the fear of unpredictability, although present, at a distance so I can get up every morning and look forward to the happy horses I am grateful to care for every day.  Robyn Smith


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