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First born Smarty Pants attitude showing!

Here is Smarty Pants Four years later!

Although asked for many years to write a Blog, I have been remiss to get this Blog up and going. The last time I wrote a Blog was when Merlin was born almost 5 years ago (Inspirational Archives)! 





The purpose of this Blog Category is for information, announcements, specials, and communicating what life at ELS Stables is like for the horses and humans that call Holly Farm home. 

We will have the ELS Newsletter (by end of Feb) emailed to you  with easy opt out.  The Newsletter will have short snippets of Blog posts with a “Read More…” Link. It will also contain any upcoming specials or events that we would like you to know about. As always, we do not share emails with anyone!

If you do not already feel like an ELS Community Member, let us know how you would like to get more involved. We are here to assist you on your horsemanship journey! Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to learn more about or see posted. This Blog is written for the ELS Community!

Stay tuned…and learn about The ELS Horsemanship Club opportunities in the next Blog Post!

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