What a Snow Bummer! Closed Sunday 2/17/19


Although the warm air and rain are helping melt the snow, the sheets of ice on the arena roof have been reluctant to fully fall off today. This is our biggest hazard. Imagine the ice chunks and sheets falling next to a horse you are riding as it hits the ground and sounds like a cannon.  Need I say more…

We also have 20 horses in the stalls that have been locked up and hand walked up until the snow began to melt off the roofs of the massive arena, the huge old barn and the 2 stables. Imagine it sounds like it is pouring rain on the stable roof and it is just the snow melting and flowing down walls, hitting metal roofs and otherwise making a runoff mess with nowhere to go.  Need I say more…

On top of that, who you know as polite, happy, cooperative school horses have been transformed into nervous nillies or pent up beasts from another planet. Somehow our efforts have failed in explaining to the horses the many reasons they cannot go out side and play in the snow…

Overall we have much to be thankful for despite the hardship this weather event has had on our business. The many Boarders, students, staff, fans and friends that were able to help out did so. We are very grateful to them and all of our supporters who understand the dangerous mess we have with 39 horses during an unprecedented snow event. The forecasters all said “light snow.”  Thank goodness they did not say heavy snow…huh?

Thanks again for your patience as we help our furry friends and staff survive these 2-weeks of yuck!

Kind Regards,

The ELS Herd


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