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Who We Are

L1040998Fast Facts:

2006-2007 Equine Life Solutions was founded to teach leadership skills to teens and young adults using horses in unique and creative workshops and classes.

2008-2012 Equine Life Solutions moved to a larger facility as the leadership business grew adding a riding lesson program for kids and adults (dba ELS Stables).

2012-2018 Equine Life Solutions expanded the leadership workshops (dba Essential Strides Coaching Services) and moved to the current location conveniently located on 17-acres at beautiful Holly Farm in Bothell, Washington, just 35 minutes north of Seattle and Bellevue. 

Equine Life Solutions Divisions:

ELS Stables:  Centered balanced riding lesson program for kids and adults, horse boarding & training

Essential Strides Youth Education Services (Y.E.S): Homeschool Classes and courses in agriculture and leadership

Essential Strides Coaching Services:  Personal Development, Leadership Training and Teambuilding Workshops

Essential Strides Counseling:  Traditional Talk Therapy and Equine (horse) related Psychotherapy and Counseling services


Essential Strides Coaching & Counseling Services

                          For business…for life!

Our Purpose

Our purpose reaches beyond head knowledge by teaching interpersonal skills in a unique manner that inspires in clients the desire to think, create, and innovate – developing their abilities and desires to educate themselves beyond the limits of formal education and encouraging them to view learning as a life-long endeavor.

Our Vision

Inspiring individuals and companies to invest in interpersonal skill training for current and future leaders. 

Our Philosophy

Lessons for Life
By learning to communicate clearly and precisely, listen intently, learn about other people passionately we might transform from people groups to a shared and common humankind; to become a world team. After all, our very existence depends on it!
We know we’ve succeeded when a person has the confidence to experiment, think independently, and work cooperatively; the tools to discover, analyze, and interpret the world; the sensitivity to be an informed and reflective local and global citizen; and the character to be prepared for success in a business, college or university commensurate with their interests and abilities.

The ESCCS Difference

We go beyond textbook or online techniques to provide you and or your managers’ and teams’ personal attention to draw out their distinctive strengths; to recognize and overcome their weaknesses.
We continue to develop unique experiences and offer a variety of services that help your team reach greater levels of success.
We invest in our own staff of professionals – highly qualified men and women who are committed to their own journey, as well as to yours.

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