Essential Strides Coaching Services’ Reviews

What Some of Our Clients Say About Us:

“I can’t get enough of this training!”

As a newly promoted manager, I had previously learned concepts in text books and from on-line leadership training courses that I could not translate into practice in my new position. Employees that were once my peers were now my subordinates.  This did not go over well.  I learned about ESC through a coworker and jumped right in.  The unique role-playing exercises in the Essential Strides Coaching was so effective, I could not get enough! I signed up for the individual weekly training and practiced the communication skills with my ES coach. Using these strategies has helped me understand the motivation behind the behavior and how I can use effective questions to change an employee’s mindset from rigid to flexible by using their primary motivational language. Amazing!! I am a lifelong fan!  Next the Teambuilding Workshop with the horses!   Tanya T.  (Expedia)

“This class is the best professional training I’ve ever had!”

I have been a manager for 10 years and thought all the problems with my team were the members. After losing 3 team members within one week which sent an important client deadline behind, I decided to find a coach that would work with the team and “whip them into shape.”  After the first meeting with the ES Coach, I knew the problem was not the team…it was lack of trust in me as their leader. I had no idea! With professional grace and patience in teaching, the ESC Team has taught me about my weaknesses and the motivation behind the weaknesses. I cannot say enough for the positive changes in my family life as well as my team. Our attrition rate has dropped to zero in my division in the last year. I whole heartedly believe this is a result of the leadership training with ES Coaching. I continue to use their services and improve in practice every day. We have registered for the Team Building Workshop in the spring!   Way to go ESC!  Jeffrey K.  (Microsoft Xbox Team)

“The best communication training ever!”

The most valuable take away for me as a team leader is the effective communication training.  As a new manager, I needed every concept that was taught. As a starting point, the most important for me was communication. Not only did the coach cover personality and behavior patterns of my employees, but the motivation behind the behavior.  This knowledge helps me as a manager use the right communication style when dealing with each different employee to ensure that messages are sent effectively and received with maximum clarity and minimum distortion. I am a true believer and continue to use the coaching services.   Brenda L.  (REI Asst. Mgr.)

“Where was this training 10 years ago?”

The instructor, was excellent. Her casual, personable, yet professional style made learning and connecting with employees easy. The class was lively with lots of participation. When we got off track, she skillfully guided the focus back to the concept being taught. Movement from one concept to another seemed naturally connected. There were so many practical take away skills, I had to sign up for the one-on-one leadership coaching at my office. I appreciate the flexibility of the coaches to train me at the office.  It is so convenient and we have addressed issues in real time.  This is worth every penny I spend!   Ellen H. (Hatton Marine COO)

“The Teambuilding Workshop With Horses Was Amazing!”

I purchased the Level 1 Package that included leadership training and the teambuilding workshop at the Holly Farm location.  All I can say is WOW! I signed up two supervisors to take the Leadership Training and then we brought the whole team of 36 in for the horse experience.  The half-day workshop was not nearly enough time to soak up all the fun and educational opportunities we had. Although as the Manager of the team, I was going to step back and observe, but found myself happily swept along and involved in the experience.  The Essential Strides staff were great at their role playing and the Lead Coach was professional and personable. I have signed up for more classes at our office site and plan to have the team return for Level 2. Excellent and useful training.  Bob F. (Supervisor Microsoft)

“Happy Customer Service Team Translates to Happy Customers!”

Not only has our team benefited from the Teambuilding Workshop, I have experienced personal benefit.  We have also seen a huge growth in our customer service skills since taking the Leadership Level One Workshop. I am overjoyed with the improvement. I am seeing and I know that we will continue to see our business grow as more and more happy customers tell their friends about what a great place we have. Robyn, I can truly say that the skills we learned in this training package is helping us to continue to grow in the right direction, and even better, it is making my job easier.The shock to me is that I can truly say the experience and results were ABSOLUTELY worth the investment.  

“I had no idea how much I could learn from horses!”
Working with horses at Equine Life Solutions I learned that humans and horses share the same fears. This knowledge has helped me to empathize with and better understand people-in all areas of my life. The skills I learned with horses were immediately transferrable to my career as a school teacher and a colleague.
The leadership skills I gained at ELS using the values and principles of natural horsemanship have helped me grow into a more compassionate educator.With ELS I was learning to be firm and fair. At the same time I was working for a Principal who was a bully instead of a leader. Because of the teachings of ELS I recognized my need to swallow my fear of unpredictability and make myself open to new and different possibilities. I resigned my position as a Kindergarten teacher and through a series of fortunate circumstances, I landed the teaching position of my dreams! My new school even paid for my Montessori Certification!
At Equine Life Solutions I continue to become a more confident leader in the arena and in my classroom! Natural horsemanship and Equine Life Solutions have made such a positive impact on my life, I am forever grateful!