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These are the BEST shows in the Northwest!


Seattle Knights Show

The Seattle Knights are the Pacific Northwest’s premiere sword fighting and jousting theatrical troupe.
With equestrian thrills and high-octane choreographed stage combat using real weapons, the Seattle Knights bring you the best of medieval history and fantasy.
Picture 1 458 Knights in shining armor salute their opponents with lance and shield, and send their 12144807_979398635437464_7017941306860432282_nwarhorses thundering down the list; they meet with a crash that fills the arena, and the audience leaps to its feet with a roar.

On the field of combat, armored knights charge each other with weapons ready. With a clash of steel, they battle for honor and glory, swords blurring in a flurry of speed and skill that ends only when one of them hits the ground or yields.
This is just a taste of what the Seattle Knights can bring: fanciful and legendary characters from the elaborate world of Tir na n’Og, brought to life with passion and exuberance.  The excitement will have any audience cheering for their favorite knight as he or she enters the field of honor to face an equally skilled and determined opponent. The Seattle Knights combine equestrian thrills, high-energy acting, and choreographed stage combat using real weapons. We offer a variety of special show packages, any of which can be tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.


Feast& Fight Knights



This two and one-half hour popular package includes:
  • A Medieval Feast (10 to 75 guests)
  • Add a One-Hour Knight Sword Fighting Show
  • Add an archery workshop 
  • Add a Jousting and Sword Fighting Show
  • Email for quote!
Organize a group of you plus 10 friends and you are free!

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Pirates of Puget Sound (PoPs)

pirates02The Pirates of Puget Sound (PoPS) switch hats to bring you the wildest bunch of skallywags to ply the seven seas.
These scurvy dogs are fierce and not to be trifled with, attacking one another at the drop of a parrot with everything from boarding axes and belaying pins to cutlasses and cutting wit — all laced with dazzling feats of acrobatics, tumbling, and tomfoolery.

Spoken of in hushed whispers in port side taverns around the world as the infamous “Jack Pack,” these raucous rowdies all go by the name “Jack” in one form or another.  It may be a wee bit confusing aboard ship, but it does makes cheering a lot easier.  Besides making sure ye never forget a shipmate’s name!

pirates04The Pirates of Puget Sound not only provide entertainment and combat with a piratical flair, they also specialize in providing kids entertainment. They come equipped with several pirate games that are appropriate for kids of all ages.