Holly Farm ‘Dream Projects’





Quality Mission Statement:
Equine Life Solutions and On the Edge of Urban Events and Planning at Holly Farm believe that relationships are for life… farming creates deep emotional connections through local relationships built with our neighbors, associates, businesses and clients. We do this through the services and experiences we offer. We are fueled by the brand loyalty and trust that our customers place in us to deliver premium quality services. We exemplify this commitment by embracing a culture of personal responsibility in our work and stewardship within our community.  
The following local businesses have contributed to several “dream projects” at Holly Farm for Equine Life Solutions and/or On the Edge of Urban Event Planners.   Please send them a thank you via FB or webpage. It means a lot to us for them to be appreciated and recognized.
One Step at a Time Project/Fundraiser
This ongoing fundraiser is to provide safe entrance and exit for our many friends, families, and visitors to our loft. Steeped in History, the Holly Farm barn is about 85 years old.  These beautiful stairs are the first of two stairways that will provide extraordinary safety to our structure.  The second staircase will be on the back of the barn.  Learn More….