ELS Activities & Programs

Brownies Answering Horsey questions

Here you will find fun activities and Events at ELS. In addition to the Balanced Seat Lesson Program, we offer other activities for the whole family. Here are just a few…For more information email us at rjsmith@equinelifesolutions.com.   All our programs are custom designed with fun and safety in mind.

Birthday Fun!

No that is not Mrs. Ed in the background. That is Robbin the horse making a carrot appearance for the kids.

Educational Fun!

Girls and boys alike learn about horse behavior and care. We have group programs for Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts! We have Cub Scouts and Campfire kids here too!

Equine Explorers Summer CampFun!

What better way to learn about horses than at a Summer Day Camp at the Ranch! Participation is limited to our lesson program students due to its high popularity! Sign-up for lessons and become a pony pardner (age 3-7) or an Equine Explorer (age 8-12).

Outdoor Activities and Lessons!

Enjoying the shade after a great ride in the field! What a way to end a day…sorry, only kids in this group!

After a long day in the saddle, Equine Explorers ride the log together. None of the horses were cooperating for this picture with so many kids on their back!

A Beautiful Day in the Sunshine!

Equine Explorers enjoy the sun with their Barn Buddy teen companions. Camp Counselors work hard at having fun at camp!

Pictures are always welcome or we can set up an appointment with a photographer to look spiffier!

Riding for any age!