GROUPS: Girl/Boy Scouts, Campfire Kids, etc.

Brownies learn about ponies from Jasmine

Girls and boys alike learn about horse behavior and care. We have group programs for Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts! We have Cub Scouts and Campfire kids here too!

Group fun at the barn!

At Equine Life Solutions, we specialize in education. Our wonderful herd of horses help us teach about a variety of horse-related topics. Choose a package below or customize a plan to fit your groups budget. We are always happy to help design a group event that meets your educational and financial goals.

Basic Pkg Price:


  • Safety rules and a tour of the facility to meet the horses and visit their homes
  • Age appropriate learning activities on different horse topics
  • “Mini-lessons”
  • Feeding the horses carrots (provided by the group).
  • 1.5 hours

Minimum Group of 6 = $35.00 per child

Group of 6-10 = $32.00 per child

Group of 11-15 = $30.00 per child + additional 1/2 hour riding time ($35 for group)

(additional children under 4 are free unless participating in activities above)

Additional Add-ons:

  • Additional 1/2 hour time for riding = $35.00
  • Additional 1/2 hour time (for activities below) = free
  • Unique art project (taught by NW Artist) = $5.00 per child
  • Horse-treat cookie baking class (taught by local Baker) = $5.00 per child
  • Other activities to be announced