My Lily, My Friend

By Robyn Smith






I liked you the moment you came to my herd

I knew right away you were quite a rare bird.

You jumped in the air with the greatest of ease

Scared all those around you and did as you pleased


I wanted to know you, your quirks and the rest

And very soon learned – you were the best

Your patience with people was second to none

Despite the fact you weighed almost a ton


You took care with the kids and silly beginners

Never complaining and helping riders become winners

With all that you knew, you gave us a chance

To learn the incredible, gifted horse dance


The protector you were – no one could deny

For Lady and Safire to the rescue you’d fly

Lily-Saurus we named you for all your great size

But you were gentle and kind to everyone’s surprise


Over the years your expertise grew

Dealing with humans and helping them through

Never complaining-despite how you felt

You were stoic, brave and clearly just dealt


Through pain and discomfort you taught us a lot

Your expressions at times just couldn’t be bought

Your graciousness showed through extreme self-control

The kindness you showed came right from your soul.


At the end of your life as I looked in your eyes

I knew it was time to send you into the skies

Clearly and peacefully- your voice said in me

Thank you for caring and setting me free…


My Lily, My Friend