One late summer day in 2006,

I was searching for school horses, with few issues to fix.

There out in a pasture, a horse did I spy.

Brilliant copper in color; a horse I might try.


The owner alarmed, “No! Not that one!” she said

Robbin is mean and wants all humans dead!

I asked to meet her, I’d try if I could.

The owner looked skeptical, not sure that I should.


From afar there she stood as I opened the gate.

No way did I know, we would share a great fate.

Ears pinned to her head, eyes full of fire,

She charged straight towards me, her heart full of ire!


I stood quite still and patiently waited

For the angry horse; full of humans she hated.

At the last possible moment I threw a rope from my arm

Robbin stopped dead in her tracks, I came to no harm.


We looked at each other, it was then that I knew

She was my new partner, she hadn’t a clue.

To the round pen we went, Robbin in hand

She hooked up in moments and became a great fan.


The owner was shocked, she knew not what to say

Robbin, my new partner, we were well on our way.

Robbin followed me everywhere, at liberty and in hand

But her feet were so painful, she could walk only in sand


It turned out my new partner had pigeon-toed feet

The hardest to rehab, her legs full of heat.

A Vet told me then, that in just a few years

The bones would wear out, I held back the tears.


I swallowed hard and moved forward, Robbin 12 at the time

At her age it seemed wrong, she was just in her prime.

Not a bright future, I’d make her better some how

Not as a school horse, but no pain did I vow.


After I bought her, through Mary you know,

Both our lives changed, for the better, just slow.

Now that Robbin was safe with a new herd to care,

She thanked me by being insightfully human aware.


Massage, chiro and hoof care, Robbin’s pain did abate

She leaped around like a filly, feeling no more than eight.

Convinced she was better, and taking it slow,

Robbin became the greatest school horse, I’d ever know.


Over the years, many, many students she taught

Expressing her feelings, holding back not a thought.

Swishing her tail, snarky faces she’d make,

You could always tell, she knew what was at stake.


To terrorize and intimidate, Robbin was known.

Her assigned students would let out a moan.

All humans who knew her, understood Robbin though

She soon became known as our beloved Bluffalo.


Of all the silly things Robbin would do,

She never hurt anyone, I could trust her with you.

Playing soccer with kids, she’d pass the big ball

The kids’ eyes would light up, from small to the tall.


For years Robbin worked, without much complaint

I was always amazed she was such a great saint.

Without even a smirk, with kids she was gracious.

But with most adults, she was a beast and vexacious.


At 21 it seemed, Robbin would live forever.

Defying the odds, she proved she was better.

As 25 closed in, I felt such a blessing

That Robbin was thriving, and I wasn’t stressing.


I noticed a change as 2018 rolled in.

Robbin was limping, I knew where to begin.

The vets I did call, the expert farriers as well.

We x-rayed and contemplated, only time would tell.


Robbin’s lameness worsened quickly, she could no longer run,

Her days as a school horse, were certainly done.

Robbin gave me the nod, as the months rolled along,

I knew to be brave, I knew to be strong.


You see many years ago, I promised this mare,

Nothing would hurt her, I would take care.

With no way to express my sorrow so deep,

Saying goodbye to this horse, was my promise to keep.


I kept my vow sacred, to her now and then,

So no one or nothing would hurt her again.

So thank you her humans who were there at the end,

Robbin is with God, her creator, Amen…

Robyn Smith


  1. OOOOH Robyn, I just saw this lovely homage to Robbin. What a beautiful life after you saved her from pain.
    So sorry for the loss of your dear horse companion. I’m sure ELS is hurting for the loss of her, but also relieved she will eternally rest.

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