Julie Morton: Business and Personal Development Coach

Julie Morton is a combination business and life coach, asserting that personal change is easier and more sustainable when addressing the whole of a person’s life. Following a successful corporate career as an environmental engineer and quality assurance manager, Julie turned her analytical and problem-solving skills to understanding and transforming individuals’ personal and professional lives. In addition to her ‘mind’ skills, Julie coaches emotional intelligence and agility, and somatic coaching which addresses how a person inhabits their body and the impact it has on their ability to learn and achieve.

Working with Julie starts with growing skills in self-awareness in the domains of the mind (thoughts, beliefs), emotions and body, i.e. the whole self. The foundation of self awareness combined with values identification allows a person to then choose what and how to shift in order to create new possibilities and results. Julie’s clients move from confusion to clarity, from overwhelm to grounded presence, and from resignation to enthusiasm and intentional inspired action.

In addition to working human to human with individuals and small groups, Julie offers equine facilitated learning and coaching (EFLC). She creates experiences for clients with her equine partner, Sky, that enhance clients’ ability to see themselves in relation to others. Clients explore leadership styles, learn to set appropriate boundaries, and grow their ability to focus and modulate their energetic presence – so important in all relationships, personal or professional. Through EFLC experiences clients develop awareness of their body and emotions, and learn to access their intuition and the wisdom in their heart and gut, increasing opportunities for action not seen by the mind alone.  

Julie trained and certified in the flagship program, Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery, at one of the coaching industry’s premier coaching schools – Newfield Network. In addition, Julie trained as a Certified Financial Coach (TM), and graduated from Equine Alchemy’s Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching Program, the only coaching program of its type accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Alchemy – “Turning ordinary human potential into extraordinary results.”