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Enter the exciting world of knightly chivalry, horsemanship and archery. Your knight has vast experience in all things Medieval. Young squires learn:

1.  Horsemanship (approx. 30 min):

Greeting, Grooming, and tacking up to ride. This activity teaches the responsibility to one’s trusted steed who will be called upon in times of need. Respect for these 4-legged partners as well as safety is addressed.

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2.  Balanced Seat Riding Lesson (approx. 30 min):

The most important skill we teach is balance.  Based on the age and size of the squires, we will choose whether bareback or saddle riding is best.  Squires learn why balance is so essential for theirs and the horse’s safety.  ELS Instructors teach this class and help students learn respect of this great partner that bears us on journeys.

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3.  Archery (approx. 30 min):

Young squires are taught safety through responsibility. The care of their equipment and the correct use of it is essential.  Medieval history is taught and chivalry emphasized (integrity).


4.  Party Like a Knight! (approx. 30 min):

Squires can now get down to the business of eating and drinking their favorite food in the realm.

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