Medieval Feast & Fight Knight Package

“An evening bursting with feasting and fun!”


IMG_9454Holly Farm in Bothell, Washington provides a superb stage for hosting themed medieval dinners. Whether you come alone to meet new fun-minded folks or have a private group, you are guaranteed Medieval fun!
Revellers assemble in the Rustic Waiting Hall for the experience of traditional hospitality. The fully costumed Court Steward will then escort you into the lofty Banqueting Hall where the Men/Ladies of the Court will entertain and sometimes sing, jest and lead the evening’s feasting with daggers and fingers accompanied by a Toast of mead or a Goblet of Wine (Red or White available).
Guests may wear everyday clothing, their own costume, or rent one from one of our costume vendors.
ADD: Knight Fight Show to your Dinner Package:
After the feeding frenzy, revellers are escorted to the Knight’s Training Arena where talented foot fighters train would-be knights in the fine art of sword handling and combat.
Guests are seated on our viewing deck during the Foot Fighting entertainment and yell and cheer for their favorite knight!

The Medieval Feast

Feast with dagger and fingers at heavily-laden, candlelit tables and share Medieval Culture during dinner whilst being entertained with merriment by fully costumed Ladies of the Court, Court Steward.




Medieval Feasts start at $75 per person (Meal Only–without alcohol) $85 with one alcoholic beverage.
Knight Fight Show:


Organize a group of 10 Revellers and the 11th is free!  Get your medieval-minded coworkers, family or friends together for a night with the knights!


6:00 – 7:30 Feast
7:30 – 9:00 Add-on Knight Fight Show or Archery Workshop


Plan your Feast!

If you have a specific date in mind, or wish to organize a private event, email us at: