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Many of you saw the Governor’s May 1st plan to reopen the economy. It is a Four-Phase Plan intended to help get our economy going while keeping each other safe and out of hospitals. Phase 1 goes into effect on May 5. Each Phase has a 3-week trial period to ensure we do not end up closing back down again.

ELS Falls into Phase 2 for re-opening. If all goes well in the next few weeks, that would be May 25. We are very hopeful that if we are careful and follow the Phases, we will not have a reemergence of the virus and close again.

Phase 2

Like other moderate risk recreational activities, we are weighing the economic and safety considerations when making our decisions to reopen.
According to the Governor, ELS may fall into this category as long as we have fewer than 6 people in a gathering, while still practicing social distancing. For the continued safety of our Staff, Students, Boarders, and Family Members, we will also require:
1. Face Masks: worn in the arena, stables, and deck.
2. Social Distancing: at least 6 feet on deck, arena, and barn.
3. Staff Assistance: for the students unable to independently tack and untack the horses, the staff will do this task.


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