Archery Lessons

Welcome to the ELS Archery Center at Holly Farm!

Alec Taylor is your instructor at the ELS Archery Center. Here is a brief summary of his experience with archery and medieval studies:

“I gained an interest in archery when I was very young. After I first heard the legends and ballads of Robin Hood, I promptly went to the backyard, made myself a crude bow and some arrows, and have been shooting ever since. That was more than fifteen years ago. Today, I have two bows. Primarily I shoot a traditional English longbow and a horsebow based on a Hun design. The bows available to rent for classes are horsebows similar to mine, but designed with beginners in mind.”

Here are is what you need to know to attend classes:

What should I wear?

Wear close toed shoes and a shirt that does not restrict your upper body movement or increase the girth of your torso or arms. You will be asked to remove down jackets with long sleeves, as the safety gear will not fit properly over them. Warm underclothing is recommended in winter.

What am I going to learn?

With continued lessons, students will learn how to string a bow, the parts of the bow and arrow, how to shoot a bow, the principles of instinctive aiming, as well as some history of the bow and its use.

What can I bring?

P1000931You are welcome to bring any archery equipment you currently own. Your instructor has the final say as to whether or not you may use equipment in lessons. Compound bows and crossbows will not be permitted. For safety purposes, the instructor will inspect all personal gear.


What makes your bows different than what they use at the Olympics?

The bows that that are available for students to rent are very old fashioned, and do not have an arrow shelf or a slot cut out into the body of the bow. This means that the arrow rests along the back of your hand when shooting, thus requiring special safety equipment to protect the back of the shooter’s hand from the arrows fletches.

What are your facilities like?

  • Indoors: Our range is located in the upper level of our historic barn, thus providing a safe, enclosed space to practice during inclement weather. Archers will begin shooting at five yards and increase in distance at the Instructor’s discretion.
  • Outdoors: Our outdoor range is located on the back of the property well away from our precious critters.We value safety and responsibility!

What should I do if I have more questions?

Please send us an email, or ask your instructor at your scheduled lesson time. They are always happy to share their knowledge.

What are the Prices?

Archery Price Flyer

Where do I get a Waiver to participate?

Your waiver of liability to participate in the classes is found below. Minors must have a legal guardian or parent sign on their behalf prior to the first class.

Archery Adult

Archery Minor

General Waiver of Liability (for Holly Farm)

Who is Next Step Archery?

Next Step ArcheryNext Step Archery is Seattle’s premier center for archery excellence. They host private coaching, archery classes, group lessons, video training, private parties and mini-camps in the summer.

Whether you’re new to archery or training for your next tournament, the USA Archery certified staff will help foster your enjoyment and skill of the sport.

As a Community Partner of Equine Life Solutions, Next Step Archery provides additional services at Holly Farm for archery enthusiasts.