Horse Development


Mylissa & Joey-2541Foundation Training is to give your horse a solid foundation of knowledge so your horse develops mentally, emotionally and physically. It is building their confidence and understanding, and developing their skill set for the tasks at hand.
This training will help your horse find the appropriate balance between respect and rapport. This is obtained by helping the horse understand the ingredients of the tasks and to set them up to become problem solvers.
For a horse to become well rounded, development must occur in four different areas of learning. These are: On-Line (the horse is connected to the human with a rope or line), Liberty (the horse is not physically connected to the human with a rope or halter or lead), Freestyle (riding on a casual rein) and Finesse (concentrated, precision riding). We will focus on the horse being confident, willing, rhythmic, and relaxed in all that the horse does.  For More Information…