Foundation Training (Colt Starting)

Foundation Training

(Colt Starting)

Natural Horsemanship-2228Do you have a young horse that is ready to be trained to ride? Or perhaps an older horse that didnt get the start it needed?

Lee offers her Colt Starting skills to you!

She has spent years studying horse psychology and behavior and can help you give your horse the best start at their life of riding.

Natural Horsemanship-2013Using the Foundation Training of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program, your horse will become a confident, willing, motivated and relaxed partner.

The formula for giving a horse the best Foundation Training is as follows:

-Accept the Human (as a friend and as a leader)

-Accept the Saddle (placement and wearing it)

-Accept the Rider (as a passenger and then a guider)

-Accept the Bit (wearing it, and communication)

Lee Face QuickWhether you have recreational or competitive goals for your horse, Lee can help you achieve them through her polite and effective leadership.

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