Horses For Sale or Adoption

ELS Stables offers the following options for students that want to partner with a special equine:

For Sale:

ELS offers horses for sale that are not ready to be school horses. These special partners are looking for consistency with one rider. They are still learning or have a one-person mentality that is best suited for individuals who want to build a relationship of two. ELS is committed to successful matches and offer a one month training package with each purchase.
From time-to-time, ELS will post non-ELS horses for the local community.


Sara_ConnorELS has several horses that require ongoing care of a mild chronic condition. It may be age, joint supplementation, eye care, specialized hoof care or a number of other minor conditions. These horses desire the relationship and are available with full disclosure so they can be maintained at their most comfortable current state.

Partnership Packages:

IMG_0034ELS has several horses in need of special human interaction for consistency in relationship. These horses may or may not be for sale but would benefit from fewer humans. Some of them are school horses and students who wish to partner with a specific horse can benefit from this arrangement.