Equine Owner Education


DSC00664Frequently, Equine Life Solutions offers special courses on varying topics to teach students fundamental basics with or without horse partners. Developing advanced skills early in the riding experience helps both the horse and human. It is a goal of the classes to help students transition more quickly from ‘mechanical skills’ to a natural approach. Many students take several classes to practice and build their skills and neuromuscular development more rapidly.
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Horse Ownership & Responsibility Course

Buying a horse can be stressful without a little knowledge to get you started. Whether you are looking to buy your first horse or have had a bad experience in the past, this course will provide the basic information needed to successfully purchase and care for your own horse. This series of classes covers the essential information needed to buy and care for your new equine partner.

Some of the topics covered include:


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Choosing the right horse

  • It’s not about good looks
  • Finding a good fit – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Determining what to do with your horse


Choosing the right tack and equipment:

  • Money-saving tips

Taking Care of Horses

  • Routine Healthcare (what to expect)
  • Boarding & Training (what does it really cost)
For class information and schedules, check our Calendar of Events.



ELS Partnership Program:

From time-to-time, ELS Stables offers up horses that have been trained or retrained and are looking for a special partner. These special partners have a desire to be one person partners.