Special Programs


I L*O*V*E Learning Workshops:

Learning Others’ Views Experientially

L1040997Myah_edit02At Holly Farm & Art Studio we teach students art skills by seeing and experiencing the world through the point-of-view of others. Whether we are interacting with chickens, donkeys, goats, camelids, horses or even bees and plants, students learn compassion for the world around them. Learn More…


Horsemanship-to-Leadership Course

naturalhorsemanship-3Equine Life Solutions offers this life changing 12-Week Course year round at Holly Farm. This Three Level Course course sets the path for youth 9-18 to learn the powerful messages of:

Level 1

Cooperation in the Herd:  Who am I and what is my job?

Level 2

Communication in the Herd: How do I effectively deliver my message without confusion?

naturalhorsemanship-2Level 3

Leadership:  I am becoming a leader not a bully!

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Heart & Desire

L1060118This 60-hour course is designed to complement traditional middle and high school curriculum by teaching horse and stable and farm management skills to youth age 12+.

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