Heart & Desire™

Heart & Desire Internship Course™

This 60-hour course is designed to complement traditional middle and high school curriculum by teaching horse stable and farm management skills to youth age 13+.

Through the medium of Natural Horsemanship principles and practices, this program provides students with a multi-faceted learning experience that involves spending time with horses and other farm animals and working around them in a barn, arena, and pasture or paddocks.

Grooming_01Specific activities in which students will participate include: grooming, preparing horses for students, leading horses to and from the stable. Students also learn practical care of the horse such as proper feeding, routine health care and proper care of an equine facility. Students also lead ponies during events, participate in Summer Camps as horse assistants and practice customer service skills by working directly with clients.

Each session, students will spend a portion of their time receiving instruction from a Mentor, and part of the time in the barn working directly in the care and comfort of the horses. At the end of this course, Interns will have increased their listening and communications skills as well as developed qualities that enable them to embody the presence and character of a natural horse leader including: responsibility, trustworthiness, confidence, communication, consistency, hard work, focus, and playfulness.

At the completion of this program, students can earn points to spend toward ELS activities. All participants must be enrolled in the ELS Riding Lesson Program.

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