I L*O*V*E Learning Workshops

I Love Learning Workshops

Q: What is “I L*O*V*E Learning Workshops?”
A: Learning Others’ Views Experientially = L * O *  V * E

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”~Albert Einstein

camps-8At Holly Farm Art Studio we teach students art skills by seeing and experiencing the world through the point-of-view of others. Whether we are interacting with chickens, a cow, goats, camelids, horses or even bees and plants, students learn compassion for the world around them.

Observe: See the differences. See the similarities. Understand our world.

Respect: What are the wants, needs and desires of the animals & plants around us? At Holly Farm we practice giving optimum care to the animals before receiving what they have to give.

Trust: The elemental bond that connects us to others in a deeper and more rewarding relationship.

Educate: What the farm and animals teach us ~ What we teach them ~ What we learn together
20140420_101219When we, as humans, are challenged to move outside of our relative comfort zone, we experience feelings and beliefs that may or may not be true, but based on a lack of knowledge or understanding of the world around us. Working with the animals and plants while combining art in its different forms invite rather than push most people outside of their comfort zone. Our dedicated staff has years of experience bringing humans together with nature to successful outcomes in the pasture and in the art studio.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” ~William Shakespeare
L1040997What do you find at Holly Farm and Art Studio in Bothell?
You may see groups of children, youth or adults of all ages grooming and playing games with horses, or in ELS Horsemanship to Leadership Workshops. Others you will find caring for the various critters and plants and then go into the studio to draw, paint and create sculpture in clay. People of all ages have benefited from interacting with our horses and farm animals. Art class participants find out about the joy of individual creativity in a non-competitive setting.

IMG_0902 (3)Where is it? What is it like here?
Located in beautiful north Bothell, Holly Farm is home to Equine Life Solutions and ELS Stables. Coming through the automatic gate– you’ll see our paddocks full of four-legged staff members. They don’t talk but they teach just as well as any person! Just beyond is our studio – chock full of materials to use for learning about art. Vision, leadership, courage and self-awareness are just a few of the values that can be experienced at Holly Farm.

Instructors_2 legged_OlgaOlga Surmacheva is your Holly Farm Art Director.

Born in Russia, Olga completed her art education in St Petersburg.

In 2006, Olga graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace and Instrumentation with Engineer’s degree in Quality Control.

While living in Norway for one year, she continued her studies and moved to United States in 2011 to Snohomish County with her husband and 2 young kids. In 2006 she bought a horse for Liberty training. At the same time started as equine artist. Since 2011 she has lived in Snohomish county.

“As an artist I get my inspiration from the horses. As a horse trainer I get my confidence from the horsemanship knowledge. These two aspects of my work complement and enrich each other, connecting into a single art piece.”


The common thread in all my subjects is my intention to portray beauty and meaning in the subtleties that surround us.”
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