Training / Boarding Packages

Training & Boarding Packages

Standard Boarding Services for ELS Students:

ELS Stables values healthy, productive relationships above all else. Whether between humans and horses and humans and humans, relationships take work. We offer the highest quality board to current ELS students who wish to buy or adopt one of our wonderful horses. All boarders participate in one of our riding lesson programs. This ensures that the ELS Community remains cohesive and committed to quality care for their equine partners.

Holly Farm is a facility designed to accommodate a number of boarding options that require customized care. ELS has extensive experience in caring for the active senior horse, laminitic and insulin resistant horses as well as wound or injury lay-up*. We have a team of expert vets, farriers, chiropractor and massage therapists all dedicated to the health and happiness of our equine residents and guests.

Specialized Boarding Services

  • Rehabilitation
  • Wound Care
  • Injury Lay-up
  • Vacation Care

What our healthcare partners say about us:

Mindful Healing Veterinary Care

~Kelli Taylor, DVM, CVA, CAC, CERT

Kelli Taylor“Physical rehabilitation is never an individual effort, it takes lameness veterinarians, therapeutic farriery, dental specialists, physical rehabilitation specialists, trainers who understand the biomechanics of the horse, and of course hard-working care givers who attend to the horse’s daily needs.

Those daily needs during rehabilitation not only include feeding, watering, positive human interaction & cleaning of stalls, but also stretching & strengthening exercises along with controlled active exercise (from hand walking to longe work to small turnout paddocks). I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a well-rounded integrative health care team during the physical and mental rehabilitation of your horse, and Equine Life Solutions has put together just such a team of talented care providers that will be able to help your horse return to a comfortable state of being in which both mind and body are relaxed and re-connected.  

Without the combined efforts of all parties that work together at Equine Life Solutions, many of the horses that have come to ELS would still be living in chronic pain, unable to perform their required daily activities. Now many of them are carrying riders in lessons on a daily basis. If your horse is recovering from an injury, or has a chronic debilitating issue such as osteoarthritis, the integrative health care team at Equine Life Solutions can help your horse to find comfort again!”  

*Prices vary.  Contact Us  for an appointment and a quote.